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 (The Independent )
(The Independent )

With a lot of businesses choosing to operate remotely in the wake of the pandemic, combining intermittent office hours with working on the move as well as from home, is quickly becoming the new normal.

Lucy & Sam, a small, family-run children’s fashion brand originating in South London, is one such company. Their specialised story-led prints, made of soft organic cotton that has been sustainably sourced, are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise diluted mass-production led industry.

Working closely with selected mills and factories in India and Europe, Lucy & Sam ensure full control of the production process. Their approach considers the welfare of the planet – as well as the ethical working conditions in which their clothes are manufactured. However, to run such an evolving business, the team are constantly on the move – often working across cities and continents.

With such professional fluidity comes the need for a reliable and responsive mobile technology system – one that allows employees to seamlessly switch between home or office environments, trains and planes, in a stress-free and secure way. This is why Lucy & Sam have invested in Samsung’s Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices. A business-focused smartphone and tablet range that ensures everyone – from owners to employees – can work on the move, using mobile technology in an innovative and flexible way.

Behind-the-scenes support

For the business end of things, Enterprise Edition offers everything from superior technical support, an extended product life cycle – devices are available for purchase for at least two to three years after launch – and high spec inbuilt security features. The package is available in conjunction with Samsung’s latest and best loved mobile and tablet devices, including the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S21 5G, Galaxy A52 5G, Galaxy XCover 5 and Galaxy Tab Active3.

It even offers the handy Quickstart Go feature, where Samsung’s experts look after the registration and set up process, so devices can be delivered pre-configured for users who can simply open up and start working straight out of the box.

A social enterprise

Rather than investing in pricy sales tactics on primetime television, Lucy & Sam focus on real-world experts – parents – to vouch for their unique clothing. For them, a major source of advertising is social media marketing, so the team are constantly out capturing images and videos, with social influencers regularly testing out new product ranges. Samsung’s Galaxy Enterprise Edition range enables them to create, edit and post this content seamlessly from anywhere.

This means they have to have tech they can rely on. Thankfully, Samsung’s Enterprise Edition devices offer all businesses three years of enhanced support from a dedicated UK-based Business Services Centre. If an influencer’s device needs replacing, for example, trained experts can attend to them in their working environment – whether that’s at home or on the move.

 (The Independent)
(The Independent)

A contact-free Doorstep Repair service ensures technical support is received quickly, with technicians conducting repairs from their van. If the device cannot be fixed then and there, a replacement will be delivered on the next working day*.

Working across cities or time zones

While some employees quickly adapt to mobile working, others might find the change more difficult. Fortunately, Samsung devices come with Microsoft apps built in, meaning instant access to emails, files, calendars, contacts and shared documents. Users will find familiarity in their software – from working with Microsoft Office 365 to checking into Google Hangouts**.

Plus, they can connect their mobile device to a TV/Monitor wirelessly via Samsung DeX to replicate a desktop environment from their phone. With Knox Suit, new devices can be deployed remotely in minutes, with any required apps, settings and company branding in place – while pre-scheduled automated updates can be set up for outside of office hours to minimise productivity downtime.

Maximum security reassurance

With 75 percent of mobile security breaches traced back to application misconfiguration, the need for industry-leading security systems is essential. With Enterprise Edition, businesses like Lucy & Sam can easily protect their technology against security threats, with up to five years-worth of Android and Samsung security software updates on selected devices***.

 (The Independent)
(The Independent)

With Samsung’s Knox defence-grade security built into every device, the Lucy & Sam team can be confident all client data is protected from the moment it’s switched on. While protected from malware and malicious threats, data is also isolated and encrypted within the device – ensuring peace of mind if a device is lost or stolen. With updates controlled remotely and download restrictions in place – their influencers will never have to worry about the running of their devices while working.

By investing in Samsung’s Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices, small businesses such as Lucy & Sam never need to worry about losing connection. Whether travelling in between the mills in India or working with product-testers in the UK, the team are able to communicate efficiently and quickly – ensuring productivity never dips.

To find out more, tune in to watch The Independent’s journalist and author Harriet Hall speak to Lucy & Sam about the use of Samsung’s Enterprise Edition .

Samsung provides business solutions with an ecosystem that focuses on security, support, solutions and products – with the sole aim of helping your business go further.

See how the Samsung Enterprise Edition can help your business

*Doorstep exchange with Samsung gold stock

**Third party license required

***5 years from first global launch for S20 and S21 Series, Note20 Series, XCover 5, Tab Active 3. 4 years for all other devices.

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