MoCo Considers Spending $3.25M On Struggling Art Groups, Workers

Alessia Grunberger

ROCKVILLE, MD — The Montgomery County Council might issue $3.25 million in grants to support art groups that have been financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

County lawmakers introduced the special appropriation at a council meeting on Tuesday.

"These grants will support our local artists and artistic organizations at a time when cultural and civic expression is most needed to heal and unite our community and our nation," said Councilmember Evan Glass, who served as the executive director of an arts organization before joining the council. "The arts sector is a vibrant part of Montgomery County's economic engine and it is important that we provide support during this pandemic so that they are ready to turn their lights on and raise their curtains when it is safe to reopen."

The county's Arts and Humanities Council would provide the emergency grant funding.

Of the $3.25 million, $3 million would go to arts and humanities organizations. The other $250,000 would go to individual artists.

The County Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the special appropriation on July 7 at 1:30 p.m.

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This article originally appeared on the Rockville Patch