'Modern Family' Sarah Hyland Freaks Out While Removing a Tick from Her Dog

Sarah Hyland had quite the wild Saturday night after she was tasked with removing a tick embedded in her dog's netherregions, and her emotional rollercoaster throughout the process is enough to exhaust us all! The "Modern Family" star chronicled the epic event on her Instagram Stories, as she and a friend inspected the southern hemisphere of her chocolate lab, Boo.

Wearing a pink pair of rubber utility gloves, Hyland used a pair of tweezers to try and remove the tick's head.


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Boo, for her part, sat spread eagle like a good dog, however after a while, she could only take so much and kicked the "Modern Family" star square in the face.

"I am not equipped for this," Hyland captured one of her videos as Boo lept up and ran to answer an alleged doorbell. The star also wrote, "There was no one at the door."

At one point, Boo gave the camera a very up close and personal look, and Hyland had to remind her dog to be a polite lady.

While attempting to remove the tick, Hyland kept commenting how "taut" the skin was around the bug. Her attempt was followed by multiple gagging noises of disgust, followed by another attempt. She was determined. She also wondered, "How many times can I say taut?"

Finally ... success! Hyland was able to pry the tick loose and Boo jumped up with joy as she was free of the bug. The "Modern Family" star immediately ran for the bathroom to flush the little tick away for good.

Hyland's friend followed her to the bathroom as the star was still freaking out over getting a closeup view of the disgusting tick. It was a traumatic experience, but she was able to push through due to her love for her dog Boo.

"I'm gonna be a good mom right!?" Hyland asked her friend through panicked excitement. Boo is pretty much a kid to Hyland and Wells Adams, so it's pretty good preparation for what the future holds as she prepares to get married and start a family.