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Moderna begins coronavirus vaccine trials in children under 12

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Moderna is the first U.S. drugmaker to vaccinate children as it begins testing the shots on babies as young as 6 months old up to kids under age 12. Jonathan Vigliotti has the latest.

Video Transcript

NORAH O'DONNELL: And there are two major headlines tonight in the race to vaccinate overseas. More European countries halted the use of the AstraZeneca shot as they experience a frightening new surge of cases. And right here in the US, the first young children got vaccinated in a new trial. We're going to cover it all in our two reports starting with CBS's Jonathan Vigliotti in Southern California. Good evening, Jonathan.

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: Good evening, Norah. The new strain of the Brazilian variant has been detected here for the first time in the state, renewing urgency to vaccinate. Meanwhile, tonight encouraging news from Moderna, now testing its vaccine on children.

Tonight, Moderna becoming the first US drug maker to vaccinate children, testing the shot on babies as young as six months up to kids under 12. The company also running a trial in kids over 12. Two of the participants are Dylan and Blair Davis, their parents both doctors.

MENDY JETER: I wanted them to be an example, to set an example to say, hey, this vaccine is safe.

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: Promising news for kids and parents.

ANTHONY FAUCI: So we would expect that children going into high school in the fall will be able to go in vaccinated.

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: And a Florida baby has been born with COVID antibodies. It's the first known case, the mother a health care worker, who received her initial dose of the Moderna vaccine while pregnant. Tonight, Mississippi is expanding vaccinations to all adult residents 16 and older. Connecticut and Michigan announcing they'll do the same on April 5. Thanks in part to vaccinations, California is beginning to experience normal life again.

- It's really fun strong and nice, because we haven't been here in like a year.

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: But this comes as San Bernardino reports a case of the worrisome P1 variant initially detected in Brazil, the first case in California. It's already in at least 11 other states. How concerned should we be when we hear about these variants taking root here in America?

BRAD SPELLBERG: Well, I think the reality is no one knows. The fact is cases are declining despite variants being present. What the average American should be doing is focusing on getting vaccinated.

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: And tonight COVID creating March Madness at the NCAA. Six referees sent home from the men's tournament after one positive test and contact tracing. Jonathan Vigliotti, CBS News, Rancho Cucamonga, California.