Moderna developing COVID-19 booster and flu combo

Moderna is working on a single-dose vaccine that will combine a COVID-19 booster shot along with the flu vaccine, the company said Thursday.

Speaking during a company research and development day, CEO Stephane Bancel said bringing to market an annual booster vaccine that can be customized and upgraded is "our number one priority as a company right now."

It's not alone in trying to develop a combo COVID-19/flu vaccine with the start of flu season just around the corner.

Novavax says it has begun an early-stage study to test a combo vaccine.

But Moderna had more than just that to talk about during its update.

It is currently trying to get its COVID-19 vaccine approved in kids under the age of 12.

Mid-state clinical trials are underway for the right size dose for different age groups.

Use of the Moderna vaccine in adolescents is currently under FDA review for approval.

That puts Moderna behind rival vaccine makers Pfizer and BioNTech, which got approval for use in youngsters aged 12 to 15 earlier this year.

The update was welcomed by investors, who sent shares of Moderna more than 6-percent higher in mid-day Thursday trading.

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