Modesto fire: person living in travel trailer burned in blaze, taken to hospital

A female living in a travel trailer behind a vacant house in east Modesto sustained burn injuries in a Wednesday afternoon fire in her home and was taken to the hospital, the Fire Department reported.

Battalion Chief Doug Rice said the fire was in the 3700 block of Roselle Avenue. That is north of Sylvan Avenue in a rural part of Modesto. He identified the burn victim as a female and said she was taken to Memorial Medical Center.

He declined to say more because he said the fire is being investigated by police and the Stanislaus Fire Investigation Unit. He said that is the standard practice.

He said the female was living in the trailer, which was behind a vacant house. Firefighters were dispatched around 4 p.m. to a call of a travel trailer that was on fire and occupied. He said the female was out of the trailer when firefighters arrived.

He said there were bystanders at the scene and authorities were not able to determine whether any helped the female get out of the trailer or whether she did that on her own. Rice said the female was conscious but firefighters were not able to get much information from her.

He said firefighters quickly put out the fire, which prevented it from spreading to the nearby home.