Modesto 'Street Vet' Helps Different Kind Of Vet Get Surgery For His Dog

A Modesto vet known as the "Street Vet" loaned a major helping hand to a different kind of vet who was in a tough spot.

Video Transcript

- The man known as the Street Vet is helping out a different kind of vet now.

- This Modesto veterinarian helping a Vietnam veteran with a dog that needs surgery. Here's CBS13's Ryan Hill.

RICHARD LYONS: She's family.

RYAN HILL: Richard Lyons and his corgi mix Courtney have a bond that goes beyond pet and owner.

RICHARD LYONS: She was literally at death's door when I adopted her from the County Animal Shelter. Had not I been notified, she would have been euthanized the following morning.

RYAN HILL: The two have been on plenty of walks in six years. But Richard noticed she was stopping more and more often. So the Vietnam veteran took his cherished Courtney to the man dubbed the Street Vet, Dr. Kwane Stewart. It wasn't long before x-rays showed what was wrong.

KWANE STEWART: She had more bladder stones than I've ever seen in one dog before.

RYAN HILL: Courtney's condition so bad she needed surgery. The price tag, $3,200.

RICHARD LYONS: I'm on 100% VA disability, PTSD. What I have coming in is what I have coming in.

RYAN HILL: But this vet, known for helping others, wasn't going to let Courtney go without care, asking Richard if he could lend a helping hand.

KWANE STEWART: And I think he's a prideful man. He's ex-military and a war veteran. And I wanted to respect that. But when I mentioned, gently, would you mind if I offer some help, he said, absolutely, if you can. After the money I raised, this is what you're going to have to pay.

RYAN HILL: Stuart, using his notoriety and social media platform, was able to raise $15,000, then surprising Lyons, telling him he didn't have to pay a dime for the surgery.

RICHARD LYONS: I'll be eternally grateful to the people that donated. I don't know what I would have done had I lost Courtney.

RYAN HILL: The street vet doing what he's always done in the first major surgery at his clinic, giving care to those who need it.

KWANE STEWART: It's really validating. It is one of the pillars in which we open this practice, one of the philosophies I've long held, that we try and help those in need when we can.

- Stewart tells CBS13 that some of the remaining donations for kidney surgery will be set aside for Lyon's other pets and their medical care.

- They've also put some of it into his nonprofit for other clients.