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Molly Bernard on How Hilary Duff Hid Her Pregnancy on the Final Season of ‘Younger’ (Exclusive)

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Molly Bernard reveals to ET how Hilary Duff hid her pregnancy on the final season of ‘Younger,’ streaming April 15 on Paramount+.

Video Transcript


LAUREN ZIMA: Hillary, you know, just had a baby.

MOLLY BERNARD: Yeah, I came to LA to be here for her birth.

LAUREN ZIMA: Oh my gosh.

MOLLY BERNARD: It was amazing. She is the strongest, most graceful, fierce person I've ever met in my life. It permanently changed my life watching her do that.

LAUREN ZIMA: Well, how is she doing?

MOLLY BERNARD: She's great. She's amazing. It's all good.

LAUREN ZIMA: Hillary was actually pregnant with baby Mae while she shot the entire final season of "Younger."

MOLLY BERNARD: She started carrying this big clutch at one point during the season and would just hold it right up here, to kind of hide her belly.

- I just heard the news.

- Liza Miller, will you marry me?

- Oh my god.

LAUREN ZIMA: After seven seasons, the Liza, Josh, Charles love triangle will finally be resolved, so we just had to know. Josh? Charles? Who is it?

SUTTON FOSTER: Once I read how it ended, I went, oh, it could not have ended any other way. Like I felt like the writers nailed it.

LAUREN ZIMA: Josh? Charles? No one?

NICO TORTORELLA: I mean, I've always said team Liza. This show is about the female characters and their own relationships that they have each other in the world.

LAUREN ZIMA: How do you think the fans will react? How did you react when you read those final pages the first time?

PETER HERMANN: And I thought that what was really beautiful was that the ending was so earned, and it really came out of what has come before.

LAUREN ZIMA: Will they cry? Will they throw things at their TVs? What will they do?

PETER HERMANN: Depends on the fan.


We'll have some criers, we'll have some thrower's, we'll have, I think, all of the above.

LAUREN ZIMA: Before "Younger," Peter was actually on "Law & Order-- SVU" where he met his real life wife, Mariska Hargitay. Could we see you popping up again, you know, "Law & Order-- SVU?" Maybe over on the new show? What do you think?

PETER HERMANN: From your mouth to God's ears, once I stop chasing my kids around, which I now get to do a lot of, keep your eyes peeled.

LAUREN ZIMA: Oh, that sounds like something happened, sir.

PETER HERMANN: Keep your eyes peeled. It's I'll say. You're getting nothing else, just keep your eyes peeled.