Molly the Pit Bull rescued after roadside injury

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Dec. 13—PRINCETON — For a day and a night, a small and seriously injured dog laid alongside a road until a family that heard about her investigated, found that she was alive and started finding the help that she needed.

The small white pit bull found under a guardrail along a Bradshaw Mountain road was dubbed Molly.

"Someone had posted Sunday on Facebook that she was laying in the mountains," said the woman who helped find Molly. She asked that her family's name not be used. "We went up there Monday morning and she was still laying under the guardrail. She wouldn't move or anything. She was alive, so we got her up and brought her back to the house. Her leg was injured, and we started reaching out to people to try and get her some help."

The family hopes to adopt Molly.

"We've gotten very attached to her for the two days she was here before we could get some help," she said.

Kim Bay, president of the Mercer County Humane Society, said that Molly was first taken to Happy Tails in Princeton and was later moved to Veterinary Associates in Bluefield so the organization Pit Bulls Second Chance Rescue and its cofounder, Cindy Mabardy, could work to aid her as well.

"She's a white pit bull. She's not very big and she has beautiful blue eyes and she's very sweet," Bay said. "She was treated first at Happy Tails and they kept her overnight trying to control her pain. She can't move around on her own and the Humane Society covered her cost at Happy Tails, and we'll work with Cindy and do what we can to help get the dog healthy. She's a very sweet dog. You talk to her and she wags her tail. She laid in the passenger seat on a doggy bed and just laid there. Very sweet."

Molly's right back leg is injured. Nobody knows how she was injured, and she has no road rash or other injuries indicating that she was run over by a vehicle. Being bumped off a passing vehicle is a possibility, Bay said.

Mabardy said that Molly is now completely under the pit bull rescue's care, meaning that "she will be medically taken care of."

"She had a fractured femur in her right leg," Marbardy said. "As a nonprofit, we will try to raise money to pay the bills."

Whether Molly's injured leg can be treated, and whether an amputation will be necessary, won't be known until later. Mabarby said that like any other people hoping to adopt a dog, the family that found Molly will undergo background checks and a home check.

"She's in wonderful care and we'll make sure she is safe and loved whenever she is in her forever home," she stated.

The Mercer County Animal Shelter is hosting an adoption event Dec. 18. Dogs will be available for a $50 adoption fee, and cats will be available for $25.

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