Mom, 2 Kids Rescued From House Fire In Millvale

Three people were rescued from a house fire in Millvale. KDKA's Amy Wadas has more.

Video Transcript

STACY SMITH: And there is breaking news at 6:00. First responders remain at the scene of a large house fire in Millvale. Video from News Chopper Two shows the flames and the smoke. The fire is happening on Williams Street.

KYM GABLE: And that's where we find KDKA's Amy Wadas. She's been at the scene there for a couple of hours. Amy, is this fire under control, and do we know if anyone was injured right now?

AMY WADAS: Well, Kym, if you can see here, this fire is under control. You can see two ladders still up though and some water coming down from the home. They were just putting out some hot spots, but this fire appears to be under control.

Now we have a lot of firefighters on scene. And the fire chief did just speak to us, and he tells us that two firefighters were injured. One was taken to the hospital. The other one treated on scene.

And we do know that three people live in this house. A mother and her two teenage kids were home at the time of this fire. And the Millvale police chief tells us one of his officers was able to pull them all out safely, so that is great news.

Everybody who lives in the home taken out safely. Now here is the fire chief again. He explains the situation with his firefighters.

KARL CAVANAUGH: There was a Mayday call at this fire. The two firefighters were able to escape. One went to the hospital with injuries. We're still waiting on an update on him, and another guy twisted his ankle.

AMY WADAS: Again, you heard two firefighters injured. We do know the firefighter taken to the hospital suffered some burn injuries. Again, we do not know how serious those injuries are. The second firefighter treated on scene for a twisted ankle.

So we are hoping to hear more about that soon. The county fire marshal is trying to figure out the cause of this fire, where it started. And no other homes nearby were affected by this fire. No other homes damaged, just the home where this fire started.

And we do know this home is destroyed. Reporting live in Millvale, Amy Wadas, KDKA News.