Mom of 6 killed in Lumberton road rage shooting

She was headed to the beach with her husband when the shooting happened.

Video Transcript

- Now, in Robeson County, investigators are searching for a suspect wanted for the road rage shooting death of a woman along I-95. The Sheriff in a Facebook post calling that killer a coward and telling us the woman was a mother of six on her way to the beach. Jonah Kaplan is reporting now from Lumberton.

JONAH KAPLAN: The hunt for the driver now 24 hours and counting. And what makes this tragedy all the more unreal, it happened in broad daylight. The Robeson County Sheriff's Office wants your help tracking down a car that looks like this. It's a 2010 silver Chevy Impala or Malibu with tinted windows. Investigators reporting the driver shot and killed 47-year-old Julie Eberly, a mom of six, on her way to Hilton Head with her husband to celebrate their anniversary. According to police, the driver opening fire after a close call with Eberly's car merging onto I-95 South near exit 22.

DAVID COX: People are really evil these days. Not everyone, but some people.

JONAH KAPLAN: David Cox works at a nearby hotel, his colleagues today hosting the Eberly family and inviting them to pray together.

DAVID COX: That's just their Southern hospitality. All of us in America and all over the world, we just need prayer.

JONAH KAPLAN: The Sheriff today posting updates on Facebook. He says investigators sifting through security cam footage and using what he calls "other investigative techniques." In Lumberton, Jonah Kaplan, ABC 11 Eyewitness News.