Mom 'betrays' daughter by hilariously tricking her into eating healthy foods

Early on when kids are developing their palates, they can be real picky eaters. One parent found a loophole around this natural stage of development. And it's hilarious. Rhea, AKA @RheaTries, is known for her so-called "hungry eyes." The infant's mom created a dedicated TikTok page for all of the foods Rhea supposedly tries. In the video, the mom waved around a bite of chicken alfredo on toast. Rhea's big Disney- like eyes widened at the sight of the tasty food. Just as Rhea came close to taking bite, the mother pulled off a bait and switch. Instead of the alfredo, Rhea was left eating a mouthful of mashed potatoes. The scene was perfectly scored by Erica Carmen's song, "Hungry Eyes" . The funny video received 61.9 million views on TikTok. People joked about how the constant pranks will affect Rhea someday. "This poor baby is gonna have trust issues," a user wrote. "Ah, the taste of betrayal gotta be bitter," another joked

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