Mom Catches Her Son's Friends Teaching Him How To Ride A Bike In Adorable Video

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Tambria Currie captured a heartwarming moment of her son’s friends teaching him how to ride a bike. Currie, who resides in Nashville, Tennessee, said her son told her that one of his friends was able to ride his bike without training wheels and that he wanted to learn. She reassured him that she would teach him one day but he decided to take matters into his own hands, according to her Facebook post.

When she went to the bathroom, she returned and saw the little boys in the neighborhood teaching her son how to ride his bicycle without training wheels. She continued to praise her son’s friends by pointing out that they offered him help instead of ridiculing him.

“Mykel: mommy my friend can ride a bike with no training wheels. Me: ima teach you one day,” she wrote on Facebook. “My boy said forget that… ima learn today.”

“He went & asked for help, & those babies helped with no problem. Didn’t tease my baby or nothing. We can learn something from this generation. It’s okay to ask for help. & it’s definitely okay to help each other, encourage each other, & love each other,” she continued on Facebook.

In the video, the mom shared her adoration for the children in the neighborhood who help her son and praised their generation.

Watching this level of care and support has us in the feels.