Mom and common-law husband arrested after 8-year-old boy dies

The boy had patches of missing skin and deep ligature marks when he died, investigators say.

Video Transcript

TOM KOCH: We begin with the heartbreaking story unfolding overnight in West Houston.

SAMICA KNIGHT: An eight-year-old boy died in a possible drowning in a hotel bathtub. Around 11:00 last night, police were called to the hotel off the Beltway near Westheimer. ABC 13 reporter Charlie Edsitty is there this morning. And Charlie, the mom and her boyfriend are now being questioned.

CHARLY EDSITTY: Yeah, that's right, Samica. Just incredibly disturbing. And so as you said, there's still so many questions about this possible drowning that happened here at this Quality Inn & Suites. We're right off the West Beltway near Westheimer. And investigators, as you just said, now questioning this boy's mom and her boyfriend, trying to get more answers about what happened here.

To the scene, it's now clear out here. But let's get to some video from overnight. You can see what it looked like. Just again, so heartbreaking. This little boy who died was just eight years old. And paramedics rushed here to the hotel around 11:00 last night and went to the second floor of the hotel. That's where they found the little boy who had drowned in the bathtub inside of the room. Now CPR was performed and he was transported to the Texas Children's Medical Hospital in Katy, but sadly, this boy did not survive.

Now the biological mother and the boyfriend were inside the room when first responders arrived out here. And investigators believe the parents may have been involved in what happened to this boy.

- We believe this to be domestic violence related and we are investigating this now with our homicide division, for we suspect foul play.

CHARLY EDSITTY: So the parents now being questioned over what exactly happened here. And investigators do hope to have an update out soon. And so as soon as we get that, we will bring that to you. We're live from the west side. Charlie Edsitty, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.