Mom, daughter thrive 1 year after COVID pregnancy

A mother from New Jersey is sharing her emotional journey a year after giving birth to her baby daughter while in a coma, fighting COVID-19.

Video Transcript


- Well, you may remember this remarkable scene. That mom right there from New Jersey meeting her baby for the very first time. Her daughter was born while she was in a coma fighting coronavirus. Well, now it's been nearly a year since that emotional moment.

And that mom is talking with us again about how far she and her daughter have come over this last year. Eyewitness news reporter [INAUDIBLE] Myles has her story.

- I'm here to take care of you. I love you. Don't be afraid. Everything's going to be OK.

- Everything is better than OK on the first birthday for Harley Sue. But her little life didn't start out that way.

- Yes, she's my only daughter. I got three sons.

- Talk to me. What's behind those tears?

DONNA MOLINA: The realization of how quickly you're here one day. And you could be gone the next.

- Last year Donna Molina became infected with COVID-19 when she was pregnant with Harley, delivering her two months prematurely. The 33-year-old mother was in an induced coma for 11 days and had to be separated from her newborn baby girl for more than a month just to be clear of any threat of the virus.

DONNA MOLINA: They did test her for antibodies. And she didn't have any. She didn't contract the virus. So because of all of those uncertainties, we had to be extra careful with not letting anyone in the house at all.

- But the coronavirus wasn't Molina's only concern.

DONNA MOLINA: Because I wasn't able to nurture her, to breastfeed her, to really bond with her, to do the skin-to-skin with her, so all of those things, those were some of my fears.

- Fears that pretty much instantly disappeared.

DONNA MOLINA: She knew who I was. And I knew who she was. And she smelt like my baby. And she just fell asleep right on my chest, slept sound asleep the whole night. And it was just such an easy transition.