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New mom dumbfounded by family member’s ‘entitled’ reaction to her birth announcement: ‘Do not apologize’

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A new mother is feuding with a family over her child’s birth announcement.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum for help. The mother was exhausted after giving birth — so she only texted her mother about the big news. She later let the rest of the family know on social media. But not all of them were happy about finding out that way.

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“I gave birth in September,” she explained. “Everyone in the family knows I was pregnant. I had very little contact with my aunt (we last spoke in February). I gave birth two weeks before my due date. I was in labor and pain for two days straight.

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“When my son finally arrived, I was tired, exhausted and just wanted to sleep. So my husband messaged my grandparents, and I only texted my mum. Everyone then messages me, congratulated me, but I answered the next day. Now comes the little problem.”

Apparently, her aunt didn’t approve of how the news was delivered.

“My aunt was furious that I didn’t call her and tell her personally that I gave birth,” she said. “I made a short post on Facebook and Whatsapp (just that we welcome our little boy). Her daughter and her husband saw it. Everybody understood and just sent a little text. I didn’t call anyone.

“My grandparents told her, I think two days later, and she demanded an apology from me for not calling her. I was still at the hospital and honestly couldn’t care less about her feelings.”

Redditors thought the aunt was being a bit self-centered.

“She needs to get over her entitled self. Do not apologize,” a user wrote.

“This is your baby, and you announce it any way you want to,” another said.

“You don’t owe anyone anything,” someone added.

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