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New mom enrages husband with her ‘bizarre’ social media behavior: ‘An infant doesn’t need an Instagram account’

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A husband doesn’t agree with his wife’s choice to overexpose their newborn son on social media.

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum to seek advice. His wife Clara created an Instagram profile for their newborn son Daniel. Both Clara’s and Daniel’s profiles began to amass large followings. The husband didn’t approve of his son being publicly put on display.

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“My wife Clara and I are low-profile when it comes to social media,” the father explained. “Recently, my wife and I were born a baby, Daniel. During pregnancy, we agreed that it is ridiculous to post several photos a day of the child or to create exclusive social networks for this.

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“When our baby was one month old, Clara announced that Daniel had an Instagram profile. I exploded and said I didn’t agree with any of this and asked her to delete it. She said I was being totally unreasonable and [that] the child was hers, so she would do what she wanted. I said that the child is also mine, and I didn’t want so much exposure.

“A month passed, and Clara assured me that she deleted the Instagram, but that she would continue to post at a lower frequency on her own profile,” he wrote. “I agreed to this because it was the best middle ground possible. I came across my wife with 20,000 followers, and, before, [it] had only 1,000. I thought this was bizarre. I saw her transforming, too; it wasn’t just pictures and videos of Daniel.

“The big problem is that I found out she lied to me. I was blocked from my son’s Instagram to think it was deleted. When I found out, I took the cell phone from my wife’s hand and locked myself in my bathroom. I deleted the profile of almost 30,000 of Daniel’s followers while listening to Clara screaming outside.”

Redditors thought the husband’s request was fair.

“An infant doesn’t need an Instagram account,” a user said.

“I think many people here don’t realize how bizarre it is to have your entire life documented online in front of potentially thousands of strangers without your consent from birth,” another wrote.

“Posting photos of a child who’s too young to consent is insanely creepy, your child or not,” someone added.

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