Mom faces backlash after criticizing her daughter’s ‘obsessive’ hobby

A mother is upset that her 22-year-old daughter reads too much. She intervened and went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to explain why. “She works from home and whenever she has breaks at work she reads. She reads before going to sleep”. “She reads on weekends. She reads on car rides. She spends pretty much all of her free time reading”. The mother believed all the reading (of fiction novels) was a distraction from the daughter’s university studies. “I’ve told her multiple times to waste less of her time but she always just shrugs it off,” the mother wrote. “she [has] basically read all of the good fantasy mystery novels in English she could find, so she started reading ones translated from Chinese”. “I tried not to say anything at first because she was so excited over it and I didn’t wanna ruin her excitement, but then I sorta realized I needed to intervene”. “People can have unhealthy obsessions with a lot of things, including reading,” one user wrote. “It’s a healthy, educational and fun hobby with zero impact on you,” someone commented