Mom finds her car ransacked after taking toddler to chemo appointment

To say life for Magalli Jimenez has been rough recently would be an understatement.

Video Transcript

MAGALLI JIMENEZ: If you live in Downey and you just broke into my car at Downey Hospital in Kaiser after my daughter's chemo-- which you probably don't know, but I just found out my daughter has cancer.

CHRIS WOLFE: A young mother's plea to vandals and would-be car thieves has gone viral.

MAGALLI JIMENEZ: I made a video in the grand scheme of everything, and I didn't expect it to go viral. I didn't expect it to pop off or--

CHRIS WOLFE: Magalli, or Maggie, Jimenez had taken her 14-month-old daughter Ava to Kaiser Downey Medical Center for chemotherapy to battle a rare type of cancer. The pair left the center, and that's when Maggie discovered someone had broken into her 2015 Kia Sportage in the parking structure. The culprit busted out the ignition switch and caused other damage in an apparent attempt to steal the vehicle.

MAGALLI JIMENEZ: Everything is broken. You broke everything.

I had just finished paying off my car. I was so proud of myself. It was something that I was looking forward to. At the moment, I was just-- I was so frustrated. I just felt-- I just felt defeated. I had been having a rough couple of weeks trying to adjust to this new lifestyle, trying to comfort my baby.

CHRIS WOLFE: Magalli had been working as a school nurse before COVID shut everything down and sent her home. She and her husband have health care coverage, but the chemo treatments are frequent and they pay a portion out-of-pocket each visit. The car break-in was just an added blow for the family, and their auto insurance plan won't cover this damage.

A GoFundMe account is helping on many levels. Magalli is grateful and encouraged by the growing support.

MAGALLI JIMENEZ: We're not getting the best of luck these last few weeks. Out of all this darkness, I mean, there was a little bit of light because now my story-- her story-- is being shared. I am my daughter's voice. I mean, she's only 14 months old.

From the statistics that they're giving us, it's a 15%. And it's so scary to say that number, that she only gets a 15%. But I have to remind myself, this is her battle. This is something that, you know, miracles happen. We just have to stay strong.

CHRIS WOLFE: Baby Ava's chemotherapy treatment is expected to last 54 weeks. She is only in week number three. Reporting live in Downey, I'm Chris Wolfe, KTLA 5 News.