Mom freaks out when she discovers looking 'tired' is trendy: 'Babe, I'm on trend!'

One mom has just discovered that looking "tired" is trendy on TikTok. When mom and TikToker, Chantalle (@stretchymom), saw that e-girls are smearing makeup under their eyes…. to fake the appearance of dark circles and eye bags, she knew it was her time to shine. She frantically runs upstairs in search of her husband, "Babe! Babe! I'm on trend, I'm on trend," she cries excitedly. Made famous by TikToker @sarathefreeelf, this "tired" look shook the Internet to its core when Sara first posted the video in late 2020. Now, Chantalle's stitched TikTok has gained even more views than Sara's original video, clocking in at 8.8M!

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