Mom is horrified when Starbucks barista informs her half her face is unblended

Mom and TikToker Mikkie Gallagher (@mikkiegallagher) racked up nearly 600 thousand views when she answered her own prompt, . “Tell me you’re a tired mom without telling me you’re a tired mom”. In the video, Mikkie explains that she was out of the house for 4 hours before anyone informed her that half of her makeup was unblended. It wasn’t until she pulled through the Starbucks drive-thru that someone — a kind barista — pointed out her makeup mishap. Since posting the footage, nearly 1,500 comments have flooded in — mostly from similarly exhausted parents sharing their own sleep-deprived mistakes. Tons of hilarious stories came pouring into Mikkie’s comment section, each one funnier than the last. “I went to my doctor’s appointment with house slippers on… the fuzzy ones with a cat face,” another parent commented. “My dream last night was about me getting to sleep while my husband watched the kids. I literally dream about sleep… While sleeping”

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