Mom and kids workout class has something for everyone

We don't have just one "Morning Mom" today; we have a whole class!

Video Transcript

- We don't have just one morning mom today, we have a whole class. This is the mom and kid workout class with Empower Training in Ridley Park Delaware County. Kerri Ricker runs mobile outdoor workouts during the pandemic. For this class, she takes the moms through a circuit workout, while another trainer oversees the kids in the class next to them. The moms love the idea.

MISSY FRIEL: Having the option of working out together not only set a good example for him to see me working out and having fun, but gave him the option to work out, too, and now he loves coming here.

JENEEN CALLAHAN: They practice what we preach. So we tell them to go outside and get some fresh air, but now we're doing it too. So they're-- they're mimicking what we're doing.

- Ricker started the class when things were shut down, and parents were complaining that their kids were just hanging around inside, playing video games.

KERRI RICKER: Just to show how important exercise is physically. And I think we saw in the last year also how important it is for our mental health as well.

- The class is mostly parents, but Ricker says there are aunts and uncles, too, with some people bringing along their nieces and nephews. Great idea. We want to hear more from moms and dads. You can send us your stories, your pictures, your videos at And--