Mom killed in crash leaves gaping hole in family's life

Carol Hardy was killed when a wheel flew off another vehicle and into her windshield. Now, her family says they've lost their biggest fan.

Video Transcript

CAROL HARDY: Oh, yes, sweet boy!

- Carol Hardy and the family dog, Kona, we're having fun in the snow a couple of weeks ago. The fun-loving mother of two was known for her big heart.

RON HARDY: I know her the best and I couldn't even describe how good she is.

- Her smile, her laughter, and her love were infectious.

RON HARDY: She just lets everybody knows she loves them and are friends.

- And she loved being a mom. She was there for every activity-- her son's baseball games, her daughter's softball and cheerleading. In fact, on Thursday her and her son Kayden were returning from Lufkin after he'd played baseball.

They were on Highway 59 in Montgomery County, when the wheel of a truck flew off and hit Carol's windshield. She died. The crash is still under investigation. The family is devastated.

RON HARDY: She just has that smile, you know, and the laughter. She was just kind and loving. She loved my boy and she loved my daughter with everything.

- Something that has given them some peace is an outpouring of love and support. A family friend has started a GoFundMe.

RON HARDY: I was just like blown away because this heavy weight taken off your shoulder. Now I can just focus more on the kids and my mother-in-law down the street and do what we need to be doing.