Mom leaves house for 2 hours, returns to find daughter's 'propaganda campaign' for a hamst

A mom is going viral for documenting her daughter's hilariously thorough hamster campaign, and TikTokers are cracking up. Laura Carns (@lauratoddcarns) likely never expected to gain nearly three million views when she uploaded footage of her daughter Susie's pleas for a pet hamster. But it seems Susie's campaign was a very successful one, as millions of strangers around the world urged Laura to give in. after uploading the now-viral video, Laura discovered that Susie's campaign was more thorough than she originally thought, . as she continued to find posters and messages hidden around their home. And, as Susie left no stone unturned, there was even a PowerPoint presentation on why she deserved a new pet. Laura posted the "thrilling conclusion" to the hamster saga in a third TikTok... TikTokers were elated. Little Snow had joined the family, proving Susie to be a propaganda mastermind. "SUSIE-HAMSTER 2020! Finally a campaign I can get behind!" one user wrote

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