Mom left in hysterics by 2-year-old daughter’s birthday party request

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Dua Lipa with da birthday party?. Emmaline Carroll Southwell (@emmalinecs) shared a hilarious TikTok of herself responding... to her 2-year-old daughter Violet requesting to invite international pop star Dua Lipa to her birthday party. Southwell recorded her daughter in the back seat of her car as the two were discussing plans for Violet's upcoming birthday party . When asked what she specifically wanted to have at the party, Violet thinks for a moment, then replies, "Dua Lipa and a duck!" . Emmaline laughs and interjects, "Honey, Dua Lipa can't come to your party". TikTok commenters naturally had one mission in mind and one mission only — to get Miss Dua Lipa to that birthday party