Mom who lived in car during storm still dealing with water woes

"It is very stressful," she said. "I'm not sleeping. I'm barely eating."

Video Transcript

- Almost every morning I gotta go use this to get the water. Usually I have to pull-- sometimes I have to toss this and fill up the tubs the water and pull it. It's been a very hard, physical thing but--

- Two weeks after the winter storm and Houstonians at the Villa Del Paseo apartments are still having to do manual labor to get water.

- A little water from the--

- Or hand over extra cash to get it.

- Three of these.

- They say management tells them it's because of a shortage of plumbers and supplies.

- I go through a whole 40-- like 40 bottles. Because it comes in, there's 40 in the case. I say I have to buy that at least four times a week.

- I fill a few of these up, boil the water, wash dishes. Boil water, I got to mop. Wash over by hand.

- We need water

- After a story aired on ABC 13 Sunday on this same complex, Senator Borris Miles and Representative Gene Wu had a truck of water brought in and gave each unit a case. And while the residents are grateful, they say it's just going to be a drop in the bucket.

- We appreciate the help but it's very minimal. We just wish that, you know, some of our lawmakers or some of the [INAUDIBLE] representatives will come up here and try to put some pressure on the companies in trying to get this fixed as soon as possible.