Mom & Midshipman Son Reunite After 2.5 Years Apart Serving In US Navy

Cameron is home for 11 days before he eventually makes his way back overseas to Japan.

Video Transcript

- Imagine this, Denise, a reunion at BWI Marshall two and a half years in the making. A Pasadena family tonight finally all together again after an overseas Navy deployment.

- And it's a can't-miss moment with an unforgettable hug from mom.

- Max McGee is live, sharing this emotional story tonight. Hey, Max.

MAX MGEE: Denise, Nicole, you guys could feel the anticipation as soon as you walked into the airport. Dawn Dionne was a wreck the entire time. But in the end, it was worth it.

- My heart's going [HUMMING]

MAX MGEE: Everybody knows--

- Unexplainable excitement and joy.

MAX MGEE: --there's no love like a mother's love, unconditional through two and a half years apart.

What do you miss about him the most?

- Everything.

MAX MGEE: Her heart burns for her midshipman son, Cameron, who she adopted 23 years ago from Korea, two years after sister, Natalie.

- He has a very sweet spirit, very genuine, very open, very honest, very sweet spirit about him. He would help anyone if he could.

MAX MGEE: The signs of love stare right into our lens at BWI to the highways of Anne Arundel County.

- I wonder if that guy hears when the plane lands.

MAX MGEE: 15 minutes late, the anticipation, unbearable.

- You guys aren't on the Tampa flight by chance, are you? Did you come in from Tampa?

- No.

- OK, Never mind. Where is he? He's on that flight. Wow.

- You work with--

- Here he comes. My baby!

MAX MGEE: 912 days of hard times. The mission of serving overseas is tough. For Cameron, this was even tougher.

CAMERON DIONNE: Having to tell both my parents that I wasn't going to be able to come home for the first time for Christmas, that hurt. That hurt more than anything else. It scared the living daylights out of me.

MAX MGEE: But, yet, so much sweeter--

- I love you.

CAMERON DIONNE: I love you too, mom.

MAX MGEE: A moment nobody can take away. For this love is unconditional.

CAMERON DIONNE: Spend time with my family, I just-- that's all I wanted to do. I didn't want to do anything special or anything or anything. I just wanted to come home and see my family.

MAX MGEE: Cameron is home for 11 days before he eventually goes back to Japan. And the first meal that he wanted when he landed, Chick-fil-A. Denise, Nicole, I'm not crying, you're crying.

- You're--

- You're actually, right, Max. That's a beautiful story. Thank you so much for that.

- Yeah, I was away from my daughter for a year and a half. And I can't imagine two and a half years.

- I know. I know.

- I'm so glad he's back.

- Me too. And thank you to all of our servicemen and women out there as well.