Mom of pepper-sprayed child speaks against police

A 9-year-old Black girl who was handcuffed and pepper-sprayed by police typically is "a giant teddy bear" who loves music and playing the video game Fortnite, according to her mother, who questions whether race was a factor in how her daughter was treated. (Feb. 3)

Video Transcript

- She loves like-- she loves YouTube music, she loves music. And she's just a giant old teddy bear.

- I want my [INAUDIBLE]!

- Get in the car.

- I demand--


- I don't care what you demand.

- I already-- I immediately knew the signs of, you know, her going down an emotional road. So I called the officer. And I'm like, sir, I asked him twice, can you please contact mental health? My daughter is going to have a meltdown.

He basically-- he didn't. He didn't do it. And it escalated from there.

I was disappointed. I was hurt. I was mad at myself for leaving, you know? At that point, I would have taken, you know, me going to jail versus-- and fighting the 10 officers to get off of my daughter, you know, versus me just going home and letting her just be hurt like that.

I don't think she was looked at as a-- as-- as a normal child. Had they looked at her as if she was one of their children, they wouldn't have pepper sprayed her.

I want those officers fired. And I also want to see the change in the mental health, how they respond to mental health.