Mom reveals Netflix hack for British parents who are ‘sick’ of their kids speaking with American accents

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British parents are fed up with their children speaking in American accents. This Netflix tool helps to solve the problem.

When kids are still developing their language skills, they can be influenced by all matters of speech. That means every time they tune into a TV show, the characters are shaping how they speak. TikTok mom Claire Warren shared how to get around the issue by using Netflix settings.

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“Did you know this one already? I think it’s so cool that @Netflix have revoiced a bunch of their cartoons in British English. It’s not all of them, but a fair few! So much nicer for British kids and British mums too!” she wrote in the caption.

To change animated series from American English dubs to British dubs, just go to “Audio & Subtitles” and opt for “British English” instead of American.

Other parents in the comment section seemed to relate to the mom’s complaint.

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“Amazing!!! The embarrassment of your child saying ‘5 dollars’ in public is the worst. She mum shames me massively,” a person commented.

“Wish YouTube did this. My daughter asked me for a grilled cheese yesterday. ITS A CHEESE TOASTIE!!” a user said.

“Not helpful for us Aussies, we’ve got all British and American cartoons and kids walking around with hybrid accents,” another wrote.

“Omg thank you!!! So sick of my little boy talking in an American accent,” a TikToker replied.

“My Scottish kids are 99% American. Sick of it,” someone added.

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