Mom says her kids haven't had a hot bath since February freeze

Jessica Gonzalez said she's been patient. She and other residents are hoping management rectifies the issue immediately.

Video Transcript

- Yeah. It's tough because we all know that the February freeze put a lot of plumbing problems into our community. But come with four months later, well people are still having to deal with it here on Jones road. It never seemed to fully recover. And even today, people are still dealing with the issue.

In fact, we met up with the mother of two. Jessica Gonzalez in her apartment. She has not had hot water since the freeze. She also has two kids with autism. So as you can imagine, it's been a challenge. Gonzalez says she's either had to boil water for her children take a bath or take the kids to a relative's house just so they can have a hot shower. So it's tough.

- We understood that there was maintenance, and a lot of work that had to be done. So we were patient. And as well as other tenants here have been very patient in waiting for the hot water to come back.

- So of course, we wanted to get some answers. I actually got a hold of someone in the corporate office. We asked them about just how bad this water issue is, how widespread it is, and will there be a solution for the residents of this apartment complex. We'll have that for you all Eyewitness News at 6:00. For now, we're live in Northwest Harris County, Maya Shay, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.

- Well, we are--