Mom Shamed for Working Out!?

Mothers get shamed for everything: paying too much attention to their kids, neglecting their kids, how they dress their kids, and especially for “letting themselves go.” But surely no one would get shamed for getting a little healthy exercise while the kids are busy, right? Not so fast -- one mom has been shamed on social media for NOT letting herself go!

Erin Oprea was minding her own business and jumping rope for a workout during her children’s soccer game when a nosy stranger took her picture and posted it on social media, accusing her of “trying to get attention.” What the cyberbully didn’t realize is that Erin is Carrie Underwood’s personal trainer, and Carrie herself came to Erin’s defense online.

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“It was crazy,” Erin tells The Doctors. She says she always jumps rope in the parking lot, away from the field, during her kids’ games. “Why not kill two birds with one stone?” she figures.

“The sad thing is that this is what discourages other women from working out,” adds Erin. “It doesn’t matter what people say. It’s time to get out and do what we love doing!”

The Doctors agree – and since Erin is a personal trainer, they ask for tips to help other parents to fit a little exercise into their busy days. She recommends working out during your kids’ sports practice – you won’t miss any more than you’d miss by sitting and looking at your phone!

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ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork notes that when he was a kid, he felt like sports practice was his time to play. When he grew up, he got the message that he wasn’t supposed to play anymore. “You stop playing when you become an adult.” He thinks it’s healthy for kids the get the message that their parents play too!

“It’s a lot better than the Little League moms and dads getting crazy,” adds Plastic Surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon.