Mom shares update on recovery one year after emergency delivery while sick with COVID-19

A little more than a year after she was released from the hospital, Takia Morrison’s health continues to improve.

Video Transcript


TAKIA MORRISON: You blow kisses!

TESS BARGEBUHR: Happy and healthy, one-year-old Kylan is curious about everything, from earrings--

TAKIA MORRISON: Oh! You took it off again!

TESS BARGEBUHR: --to news cameras.

TAKIA MORRISON: That's Kylan? Where's Kylan?

TESS BARGEBUHR: Like most parents, it's been a tough year for Takia Morrison-- even tougher because she wasn't sure she'd be here to celebrate her son's first birthday.


TESS BARGEBUHR: Takia recorded herself struggling to breathe while 38 weeks pregnant.

TAKIA MORRISON: And that was the night that I went to the hospital.

TESS BARGEBUHR: A seizure put her on life support and a ventilator for weeks.

TAKIA MORRISON: It feels like yesterday. I still have nightmares and all kinds of things. My ICU room at Duke I could hear the helicopter, so I think my room was close to the helicopter pad. So a lot of times I can hear-- I can hear the beeping of the machines or the air sounds that the ventilator makes.

TESS BARGEBUHR: She credits a team of doctors and nurses for her recovery.


They lined the hallways as she left Duke Hospital in May 2020, finally able to see her son for the first time.

Takia has a scar from her tracheostomy and works from home as she recovers.

TAKIA MORRISON: I do get out of breath really quickly. Anything that Kylan gets from daycare, as far as sickness, I get it immediately.

TESS BARGEBUHR: Her hospital stay put her college degree in early education on hold. She's scared to go back to class.

TAKIA MORRISON: It's scary. And I know everyone is getting back to how the world was, but it's just still lingering in the back of my mind.

TESS BARGEBUHR: Takia's priority is her children and keeping them safe.

TAKIA MORRISON: I look at him like he's special. He definitely made it, too.

TESS BARGEBUHR: In Greensboro, Tess Bargebuhr, FOX8 News.