Mom turns ceiling into a projector screen to help 'squiggly' toddler during hair detanglin

This mom's brilliant hack for detangling her daughter's hair might be the perfect solution for fidgety kids. Yasmine is a nurse and gestational surrogate. She shares vlogs about motherhood, her life and her kids on TikTok. The mother posted a video about how she gets her daughter to sit still while washing her hair. "If you have a squiggly toddler who doesn't like to get her hair done, get you a cheap projector and put on their favorite show while you detangle. Hope this helps" . The little girl laid on the kitchen island with her head over the sink . And as Yasmine detangled her daughter's hair, the toddler was facing up. The mother placed a projector aimed at the ceiling on the counter . Her daughter was totally mesmerized by the cartoon and too distracted to make a fuss. "Genius, I have two girls who detest wash day!" one person commented

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