This mom’s viral Lego cleaning hack will suck you in

If you've ever stepped on a Lego brick, you know the sheer pain that can be induced by one tiny piece of plastic.

For years, parents around the world have looked for easy ways to clean up their family's Lego collections (that don't include throwing them in the trash) to no avail ... until now.

In a now-viral video, online creator LaTreese Atkins, 25, shared a Lego vacuum that will suck up the tiny Lego bricks.

"Never step on a Lego again," the California mom wrote, adding she found the handy device on Amazon. "A Lego vacuum — it makes clean up easy."

But that's not all. The machine — aptly named "Pick Up Bricks"— also has a sorting mechanism.

"It separates the Legos from dirt and dust," Atkins wrote across the video, showing her using the machine as it sucks up the small Lego pieces and sorts them from debris, shown in a different compartment.

Atkins tells that someone told her about the device in a TikTok comment and she bought it to help clean up Lego piles from her 2-year-old daughter, Yara.

“The first day that I had it, she was using it and then she’d open it up, pour out the Legos and vacuum again,” Atkins says. “Now it’s a fun activity for her.”

More than 63,000 people liked Atkins' video and nearly 1,800 commented.

"This is super awesome!" one mom commented.

Another chimed in, "Where is the link to this!?"

But not everyone was so enthused.

"Ahhh solutions to problems we don’t have. Get kids to clean up after themselves. Makes for better adults in the future," one user wrote.

Added another, "If your kid can’t pick them up and understand why we don’t leave Legos on the ground, then maybe they shouldn’t have Legos. Just an idea though."

Atkins, who frequently shares product reviews on her social media pages, takes critical comments in stride.

"I’m kind of used to it at this point. It comes with being on the internet," she tells, adding that more engagement — regardless of sentiment — boosts views and helps her videos get seen by more people. "I know I'm sharing useful videos."

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