Mom wonders if she went too far by asking restaurant manager to turn down music

A mom wondered if she went too far by complaining about loud music at a restaurant, and Reddit users are torn. Posted to the Subreddit r/Parenting, the parent explained her dilemma:. "Today was our first time eating out with a baby (foster son, 5.5 months)". "After we were seated and ordered drinks, we realized the brunch place was blasting music insanely loudly, and we were worried it wouldn’t be good for his hearing". "I asked the waitress if it was possible to turn the music down and she agreed like it was no big deal, so I figured we were good to go, and it got much quieter". "A few minutes later, after we’d ordered, the music went back up again, so I talked to the hostess who got the manager and he seemed kind of annoyed but turned it back down". "In this position, would you have just left when you realized the music was too loud? I don’t want to be that entitled parent who expects everyone to cater to our kid". Reddit users weighed in with their thoughts on the mom's restaurant conundrum. "the first time was reasonable, but the restaurant chose to turn the music back up and I think the graceful thing to do then would be to accept it or leave," another user commented

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