The moment a UK warship meets Russian forces

The Russian government says that it will bomb British navy vessels if there are any further provocations in the Black Sea, after the confrontation between a British navy destroyer Russian forces there on Wednesday (June 23).

This is video of incident filmed by a BBC news team as it played out.

It starts with HMS Defender in disputed waters near Crimea, claimed by Russia but recognized by the West as belonging to Ukraine. A crew member, here:

"So we're straight into the thick of it. We were going to action stations now, just to get bring us up to a higher state of readiness."

A Russian radio transmission warned the British to leave. Russian warplanes were seen in the area.

The Russian and UK governments continue to give vastly different accounts of this incident. Russia says that it fired warning shots at HMS Defender and that one of its jets dropped bombs in the vessel's path, in an attempt to drive it away. Weapons fire can be heard here:

The British maintain that there were no bombs and no warning shots. They say that the Russians did fire their weapons, but that it was part of a training exercise further away -- and that Russian forces told them about the exercise as well.

International law says that ships are allowed to pass through another country's waters so long as it doesn't affect its security.

Commander Vince Owen is HMS Defender's captain:

"The UK and the Royal Navy, our deployment is here to maintain international order and uphold that for the global peace and security. And the Royal Navy and the UK will always call out states that do not follow international order. That's our mission."

BBC REPORTER: "Was it poking the bear?"

"Confident, non-confrontational."

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