Moms speak out after parenting photo goes viral

Two moms whose viral photo sparked a widespread debate about parenting are now speaking out. The controversy began when Molly Wooden shared a photo she’d taken at a Hobby Lobby in Killeen, Texas. The image showed another mother, Nicki Quinn, forcing her son to do pushups in the bathroom as a punishment for “back talk”. Wooden praised Quinn’s disciplinary tactics, saying “We need more parents like you, who aren’t afraid to parent their own children because of what someone else might think”. The post, which has now been shared more than 43,000 times, divided Facebook commenters. Many agreed with Wooden, saying her method was a fair way to teach “respect, boundaries and consequences”. Others were more critical, saying a bathroom was an “absolutely disgusting” place to teach a child a lesson. Now, in an interview with ‘Today,’ both parents have addressed the debate surrounding the photo. Quinn explained that pushups are an already established punishment in her house and that her son “knew that that’s what was going to go down” when he started misbehaving”. “I gotta do what I have to do to make sure my son is respectful to me, because when he’s respectful to me, he’s going to respect everyone else, like his teachers and his fellow students”. Wooden, meanwhile, said she thought the moment was "amazing" and that she knew she had to share it online, regardless of the controversy. I was standing there in awe … I was like, 'Yes! You are amazing! I'm getting chills in this bathroom right now’ … it's a really strong message”