Monday Evening Weather

16 WAPT Chief Meteorologist David Hartman has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Video Transcript

- Warmed up nicely today, but it won't be lasting long. A significant weather pattern change, Wednesday, and it is looking, like, pretty cold for this time of the year behind the midweek rains. Look at the temperatures today. We're well up into the 80s.

Sunshine, warm conditions. It was cool this morning. We got low humidity, so it was very, very comfortable. There's a few clouds coming in from the west. No big deal.

It should be a very pleasant evening, and the overnight period looks very nice as well. Got an area of low pressure out west. That is going to be swinging our way, and that will be changing things. Showers develop, and that storm system rolls through here on Wednesday with a round of rain and thunderstorms.

Look at that. There's that area of low pressure right now. That's the one to watch, so shower chances start to go up tomorrow, especially late tomorrow night. But it looks like most of the rain will come through on Wednesday, and there's that area of low pressure.

There are the showers developing and moving through, and I'll tell you. During Wednesday morning, there is a chance of some severe storms as this activity develops. Overnight, scattered showers, Tuesday night into Wednesday. Here comes this area of rain, and it'll be moving through pretty early.

So the morning drive on Wednesday could feature some very heavy rain, and thunder, and lightning. And then there could be some winds with that line, pushing into the southern parts of the viewing area during the morning time, and then the rain will just be slow to end for Wednesday afternoon. It looks like another nice dose of rain, but behind that, the pattern changes.

And temperatures are going to go below average, and it looks like it could last for a little while. So hopefully, we'll see a severe storm drought, and then by the time we get out of the cool weather pattern, it'll be close to May. Our tornado season starts to lessen considerably.

Comfortable temperatures this evening. A few scattered clouds, 57. 80, tomorrow, with a mixture of sunshine. There's a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. Those showers and storms could increase late tomorrow night into Wednesday morning when there could be around of rain and storms, especially in the morning, ending in the afternoon. There, you see the cooler temperatures for the rest of the week.