Monday Evening Weather Update

Clear skies. Low 46F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

Video Transcript

KEN MOLESTINA: Just going to check in with Erin now, have a check of your weather on this Monday. Boy, the tone has really changed from the way we're talking about our Monday weather today than we were a week ago.


ERIN MORAN: Yeah, as meteorologist, you definitely remember when you're in North Texas, and you're forecasting a low of negative 2. That was the case this time last week. And now today, we're dealing with sunny skies. I mean, it has been picture perfect all day.

So lots of sunshine and very warm temperatures as well. Happy to report that we are in the 60s and 70s right now across North Texas, just below that 70 degree mark in McKinney and Denton, Gainesville as well. We've got Greenville at 67. But Dallas and Fort Worth, you're sitting at 70. all the way up to 73 for Granbury and Breckenridge right now.

So just beautiful. And then you look at this graph where we had a high of 27 last Wednesday, and then yesterday we had a high of 74. Today, we'll take our high temperature in the upper 60s and low 70s and look forward to a very calm evening forecast with clear skies continuing.

South winds around 10 miles an hour. I think by 10:00, we've got temperatures hovering in the low to mid 50s. But overnight, only expecting those temperatures to dip into the upper 30s at coolest. Upper 30s for Gainesville, Bowe, and Graham. And then most of us are kind of in the low to mid 40s as we make our way into Tuesday morning.

Tomorrow gets even better, we've got a breezy South-Southwest wind at about 10 to 20 miles an hour. So we get what's called compressional heating with that. When you get that westerly component to the wind, that's why we saw the temperatures soar yesterday, and that's why we're forecasting a high of 76 for tomorrow afternoon with the sunny skies continuing. Just beautiful.

But kind of warned the newsroom earlier, and I'll have to warn you as well. If you've been craving the sunshine, the warmer temperatures, you've got to enjoy it today, tomorrow, and even into Wednesday. Because by Thursday, the clouds are back and the rain chances go up.

It's just rain right now. Don't worry. We're not talking about winter weather or major cool down, but we do have a couple of cold fronts, the first one moving through on Wednesday. But the rain doesn't move in until Thursday. Coverage is pretty widespread though, even into Thursday night. So looking at a good dose of rain.

Once we get to Friday morning, I think most of the rain kind of winding down, but then it kind of runs back up in coverage as we get into Saturday and Sunday as well. And we'll see the temperatures kind of cool off a little bit with the cloud cover and with the rain in the forecast. So we've got a high of 76 tomorrow, a high of 65 on Wednesday.

Remember, that cold front is moving through on Wednesday. So highs are back into the 50s on Thursday and Friday. Rain coverage is pretty high on Thursday at 60%.

It drops to 30% for Friday and Saturday. And then, we've got a 50% chance for showers and storms on Sunday with a high of 70 degrees. Another cold front swings through back to about 60 for next Monday, Ken.

KEN MOLESTINA: OK. All right, thank you very much. We appreciate--