Money arrives for renters, and there's still time to get help

If you haven't received financial assistance, there are multiple portals open and nine area agencies that can help you file for assistance.

Video Transcript

NICK: Well, you might remember about a month ago, this website went live where people could start to apply for help. And as it turns out, yes, there's still a lot of help available. If you need assistance, you might want to bookmark this website. And once you're on the website, you can not only apply-- you can see the application process starting right here-- you can also check your status right here.

And you know, this help isn't just for one month worth of rent either. They can go far back as a year. So that way, you can get several months of help if you are behind and you do need assistance. And we're also starting to get a bigger picture as for how many people have already got that assistance. Let's take a look at the new numbers that we just got for people that have applied.

What we have learned, it shows that 3,800 families have now received money from this program, totaling about $13 million. That means there's still $145 million remaining. Now we talked to a woman who recently got help with three month's rent. She says, it may seem daunting. There might be a lot of stuff you've got to do to submit. But after you get through it all, it's worth it.

- [INAUDIBLE] behind is kind of [INAUDIBLE] in applying. Sometimes, I think it was a little bit hard having to provide all these types of documents. But, it was a truly a relief you should be able to do [INAUDIBLE].

NICK: Now, there is no rush, as we mentioned. There are still millions of dollars available. So if you need assistance, you still have plenty of time to go there and submit an application.

- All right, Nick. So I know a few weeks ago and a few months ago, we had problems with websites crashing. Also those people not being able to reach anyone on the phone. Has anything changed here over the past month to make it easier for people to apply?

NICK: Yes. Actually, let me show you what was recently added to the website that's really neat if you are still needing help. So if you go to the site, you see this tab here. It's called Navigators. Once you click that and go to this section, you can scroll down, and there's actually a map. These are Navigator agencies that will help you out in person if you're having issues reaching someone on the phone or applying online.

But you see these dots all around Harris County? Watch what happens when you click one. Like, this one, for example, in [INAUDIBLE]. Go ahead and click that. It shows you where it is you can go and get help, and when it starts. So you see today, Monday, March 22nd. Also, who you can call or email. Because of COVID, a lot of these places don't just want you to show up. They want you to call and make a reservation.

But go ahead and look at this one over here on the East side. You click that. You can actually see that it doesn't start for another couple of weeks on Monday, April 5th. So this is a great map. There are a dozen navigating agencies that you can go to to get help. Again, it's And that's where you can go to find the site, if you're having issues online or reaching someone on the phone.