Money given to local snow remover after losing his wallet during snowstorms

A local snow remover and landscaper lost his wallet during the blizzards earlier this month along with $600 in cash. He removed snow from residential areas and driveways after residents requested his services through social media.

Kaycee Mourning, the handyman who lost his wallet, is the owner/operator of DNK Landscaping. “This will be my first year of doing snow removal jobs for people,” Mourning said. “I’m also like a handyman, so I just do everything like building houses, remodeling. I do a lot of everything.” Mourning lost his wallet during multiple trips to different residential areas cleaning snow. “I went back to a couple of different places, and I’m like I can’t find my wallet,” Mourning said. “It sucked because because I worked all day and helped a lot of people.” Mourning does not own a plow, so he shovels by hand and uses a snow blower. “Probably say somewhere towards 50 to 100 plus people,” Mourning said. “Clearing driveways, sidewalks, making walkways for the mailman and people’s dogs. Anywhere where somebody doesn’t want the snow to be.”

“When I saw that, my heart kind of like broke because I’m like I know how that can be,” said Mishel House, the Quad Cities resident who created the GoFundMe. “Work hard for that money doing the plowing out in the cold all day, and to lose a lot of that money you just earned. So, I created the GoFundMe.” House created the GoFundMe after seeing social media posts detailing the snow removal help during the storms. “It was all done via Facebook,” House said. “Just seeing him do a lot of posts and stuff that he’s done, so I knew that he was active throughout the community.”

The GoFundMe organizer surprised Mourning with $170 raised by the community. “Just being able to help people leave their house this time, because we’ve never had this much snow before,” Mourning said. House, the GoFundMe organizer, is calling on other small businesses to help Mourning.

The GoFundMe can be found here.

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