Hurricane Florence evacuations expand, with 'disaster at doorstep'

By Ernest Scheyder
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    The storm is expected to slow, and remain off the coast for many hours before moving inland and weakening. As a practical matter, this means many more hours of hurricane force winds along the coast, and many more hours of extreme rainfall. The damages will be much more severe than from most other hurricanes. Everyone who can still get out should do so immediately.
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    Thoughts and prayers for the east coast.

    The hurricanes usually weaken but Florence looks like it will hit with full hurricane strength. The damage and flooding will be historic.
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    Please Stay Safe.
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    The models vary and no one seems certain where is will make landfall and whether it will go Northeast or Southwest. Contending with Nature is not a soft and fuzzy sport.
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    What if you don't have the money for a hotel or have relatives or know where to go? What a terrible circumstance. Saw the President on Fox, he is doing a great job with this disaster; much preparation in advance. He seems to have the right attitude to listen to the governors of the Carolinas.
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    Another fall, another storm!
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    President Trump has been praised for sending billions in Federal aid and supplies to PR...Unfortunately, the slimy democrat gubament is being investigated for stealing / misappropriating much of it....b-arack's people at their best..
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    Der Kritiker
    If Florence moves a little farther south, she might well be the "granddaughter" of Hugo, the Cat 4 hurricane that hit north of Charleston in 1989.
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    Pat Robertson's incantations, it would seem, have only made things worse for the Carolinas...
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    Notice how people were warned to evacuate and they are? Katrina boneheads stayed and looted....Strange ain't it?