Montana De La Rosa excited to test her skills against Mayra Bueno Silva at UFC Fight Night 186

Montana De La Rosa excited to test her skills against Mayra Bueno Silva at UFC Fight Night 186

Video Transcript

We are now joined by UFC Women's Flyweight Montana De La Rosa. And we'll take our first set of questions from Gabriel Gonzalez and [INAUDIBLE].

- Hey, Montana. How are you?

MONTANA DE LA ROSA: Hi. I'm doing great. Enjoying this quarantine in.

- How's it going? Because I believe this is your second fight. You know, the quarantine era, so to speak.

MONTANA DE LA ROSA: Yeah, second fight that actually happened. My last fight was scheduled and then my husband got COVID. And then I got it after. So that one was canceled. But, I mean, I'm kind of used to it now. Used to being here. I know what to expect. And I'm just excited for Saturday night.

- I want to go back to that last one. Obviously, scrapped at the last minute. Can you just describe how it all happened? Getting the news that one of you guys is positive. And just that immediate aftermath.

MONTANA DE LA ROSA: Yeah. I mean the whole week was normal. Made weight. Got back. Got some good sleep. Woke up in the morning. And then kind of did like a shake out.

And then we got a text that said his test came back positive and they wanted to test him again. So he got tested and then we kind of waited a little bit. I acted like I was still going to fight because we never knew if it was going to be positive or negative.

And then it came back positive again. So we realized the fight was going to be canceled. And yeah. It really sucked. Just went back home. Started training again. I had a little vacation and then got back to it.

- Now you said that your husband had gotten it. And did you say-- confirm you'd also tested positive for COVID yourself?

MONTANA DE LA ROSA: Yeah I got it a few weeks after him. And I didn't really have any symptoms. I just had like a headache. He had like a fever and a headache for a couple days.

- Understand. Obviously, you know, with the last fight canceled, you know, out of that precaution. But was there ever any talk about trying to get you back in the cage sooner? Since you'd already gone through a bit of a mini camp and everything.

MONTANA DE LA ROSA: Just like the first day they told me. They asked me if I wanted to fight two weeks later. And I like well I think I'm going to get it. Like I don't know if there's a point in scheduling me when I'm probably going to test positive. Which I'm glad they just gave her another fight. I think she fought Gillian. So she was able to get in there right away and we had to deal with COVID going around the household for that month.

- Understood. Well I'm glad you guys are all doing well. My final question. Just how do you feel you match up, stylistically, with Mayra?

MONTANA DE LA ROSA: I think she's super tough. Brazilian. She has two really good wins in the UFC with some arm bars. She's really good on the ground. I'm just excited to test my skills against her. And show everybody on Saturday.

- OK thank you, Montana and good luck.


- We'll take her next set of questions from [INAUDIBLE]. We'll actually jump to Zach with

- So you'll [INAUDIBLE] the questions but you can look into this camera [INAUDIBLE].


- So after you last fight, you know, you came in, you had worked with the guys in Denver. And you seemed like you were pretty-- felt good about your performance. When you're talking about the situation, that last fight, it was a close fight and it seemed like it was kind of [INAUDIBLE].

MONTANA DE LA ROSA: Yeah, I mean, I felt really good in there. Like better than I've actually ever felt in a fight. I felt confident. I sparred a lot. I felt great with all my coaches and my training partners.

Going into that fight, I knew I would be a lot better on the feet. I was obviously disappointed with the decision. But I was just glad I could get in there and just feel myself and express myself in the cage.

- And, you know, as, you know, you gone through a couple of camps, couple more camps now. How have you kind of built off of that performance [INAUDIBLE]? So you know maybe you didn't get the result that you wanted but like you said you felt really good at that.

MONTANA DE LA ROSA: Yeah, it's just-- just being more and more confident in there. Every time I step in the cage. Just having my coaches with me at every fight I think just makes me more and more confident. And going back to the drawing board and taking what I learned from that fight and applying it onto the next ones.

- And then you spoke to what kind of interests you about this match. Was there kind of any like statement you like to make with this performance other than obviously getting a win?

MONTANA DE LA ROSA: No I mean, the goal is always to go in there and get a win and whatever comes after that is just a bonus.

- And then as you kind of look forward, and this is the last one for me, you look forward to 2021, what are you kind of envisioning on terms-- in terms of like the amount of fights you want to have? Especially as UFC continues to put on events with pretty regular scheduling.

MONTANA DE LA ROSA: Yeah I mean three fights a year sounds great to me. So just keep doing three fights a year.

- That's all we have for you today, Montana. Thank you.

MONTANA DE LA ROSA: Great. Thank you.