Montclair State Will Refund Housing, Dining, Parking: Coronavirus

Eric Kiefer

This article originally appeared on the Montclair Patch

MONTCLAIR, NJ — Montclair State University will be providing a refund or credit for the unused portion of their housing, dining plans and parking permits due to the new coronavirus, administrators announced Thursday.

According to university administrators, the amount of the refund will be prorated for the period of time students could not use these services, starting with the day that courses resumed after spring break and going through the last day of the semester (Monday, March 23 to Tuesday, May 12).

Those who take the credit will also receive a free course in Summer 2020 or Winter 2021.

Students who continue to reside on campus will not receive a refund because they still have access to (and are using) housing and dining services and their parking permits, MSU administrators said. Read the university’s full letter to students here.

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