Montclair Township victim of cyber attack from 'criminal group'

Montclair computer systems have been compromised by what appears to be a “criminal group,” according to a video message sent to residents Tuesday by Mayor Sean Spiller titled “Cyber Incident 2023.”

The New Jersey and national offices of Homeland Security, the FBI and state law enforcement are working to identify the culprit, which has “attacked multiple other municipalities in a similar fashion,” Spiller said.

He said that the attack does not affect the voting system, and reminded people to vote.

Councilor Peter Yacobellis said the township has been dealing with the problem for the past few days, and that it won’t directly affect residents unless they are trying to get in contact with a town employee. Costs will likely be reimbursed by the federal government, since it appears to be a targeting of government infrastructure, he said.

“While law enforcement will continue their focus on finding the responsible group, our township will remain focused on protecting the system and restoring full access to our systems and services,” Spiller said.

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