Montgomery County councilmember withdrawals tipped minimum wage bill

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — A bill that would have raised the base minimum wage for tipped workers in Montgomery County was withdrawn by its sponsor, Councilmember Will Jawando (D) on Tuesday.

Councilmember Jawando co-introduced Bill 35-23, County Minimum Wage – Tipped Employees to lead the discussion in Montgomery County on addressing subminimum wages for tipped employees, the Office of Councilmember Will Jawando stated in a press release.

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The bill would raise the minimum base wage for tipped restaurant workers, and sparked controversy in the county, even igniting a brawl at a rally held by tipped workers in October.

The councilmember also introduced Bill 34-23, County Minimum Wage – Wage Commission – Established, which would create a wage commission including business and employee interests to evaluate the minimum wage in the region and advise the Council.

Both bills were withdrawn by Councilmember Jawando.

“The action to withdraw the bills is in coordination with other regional partners who are advancing similar measures to focus on state policy to support tipped employees. Advocates are hopeful that the Governor and General Assembly will take decisive action on this critical issue and champion the cause of economic fairness in our state,” Councilmember Jawando stated in a release.

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“Every worker, regardless of their occupation, deserves to earn a wage that acknowledges their value and dignity. The two-tiered wage system undercuts this foundational belief by institutionalizing lower pay for certain classes of workers,” Councilmember Jawando continued.

In a Council Session on Jan. 16, Councilmember Jawando emphasized that he was not withdrawing the bills because he did not believe in them, but because “we can change the strategy to achieve the same outcome,” he said.

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