Montgomery County To Use Pfizer Vaccine For Time Being

Officials say the J&J halt has reduced available appointments.

Video Transcript

- Montgomery County says it will use the Pfizer vaccine for the time being. However, officials say the J&J vaccine halt has reduced available appointments over the next week. Dr. Val Arkoosh, chair of the County Board of Commissioners, talked about the situation today.

VAL ARKOOSH: Taking a pause to evaluate a potential side effect is exactly how a data driven scientific process should work. And I hope that Pennsylvanians will be reassured by this step. We have to balance speed and safety as we try to get more shots into arms, and this pause gives me confidence that science and safety are guiding this process.

- Dr. Arkoosh also says two new county clinics will open this Saturday, one in Spring House and the other in Pottstown.