Montgomery's Lady K joining 'American Idol' season finale Sunday, singing duet with a celebrity

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She may not be in the "American Idol" top 3 for Sunday's season 20 finale, but Montgomery native Lady K is No. 1 in the hearts of her fans. In the weeks since her last episode on May 1, they've been busy speaking to her on social media.

"I just feel like America is deaf, because ain’t no way you did not make it to be the last one standing," wrote La Tisha, a fan from Georgia.

"Wishing you all the success in the whole wide world," wrote Angela Lamson of Canada.

"God got big things headed your way," wrote Alabama fan Selenia Denise. "It ain't over."

No, it's not over. The world will get to see Lady K live on "Idol" once more on Sunday. The episode starts at 7 p.m. on ABC. Lady K is one of several former contestants coming back to perform on the same night America picks among finalists HunterGirl, Leah Marlene and Noah Thompson.

Montgomery native Lady K will be back to perform Sunday on the season finale of "American Idol."
Montgomery native Lady K will be back to perform Sunday on the season finale of "American Idol."

"Top 10 is returning to do four performances," Lady K said Monday from Los Angeles. "We all have a duet partner assigned to us at random, and it’s a celebrity."

They also have group performances with the stars of the song they're singing.

"We don’t know who yet, so I’m excited," Lady K said. "Not only do I get to hit that big stage and national TV again, but I get to show off singing with celebrities."

Along with singing, Lady K said she's going to "style and profile" on Sunday's episode.

"My wardrobe is literally one of my favorite parts about the show," she said.

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What's it like to return to 'American Idol'?

Lady K previously told the Advertiser that she felt good about her "Idol" journey. She said the only thing she would change about it is being more comfortable and confident, and having more fun on stage.

Does returning to "Idol" feel different now than it did early in the season?

"The pressure is always there, even though I’m not competing," Lady K said. "I’m still putting my brand on national live TV with a short time to prepare for the number, so the pressure is never going to die down. Lots of things happen on live shows that you gotta keep trucking through, opposed to fixing it when it’s prerecorded."

Lionel Richie hugs Lady K after telling her she'd advanced into American Idol's top 24.
Lionel Richie hugs Lady K after telling her she'd advanced into American Idol's top 24.

During her run to the top 10, Lady K had a special connection with celebrity judge Lionel Richie. He's a native of Tuskegee, where Lady K lives. During Lady K's episodes, Richie often spoke about the obstacles she's overcome — being jobless, homeless for a time, the death of her brother.

"Look at you. I told you from the beginning that you were born enough. Do you understand that?" Richie told her in April, when Lady K made it to the top 11.

After not making it to the top 7 on Disney Night, Lady K spent a few days relaxing in California before coming back to Montgomery and joining the lineup for a concert at B.B. King's Blues Club. Since her return to Los Angeles a few days ago, Lady K said she hasn't yet reconnected with Richie.

"I feel like I will, but I think for fairness and legality of the show it’s best that I wait to reach out," Lady K said. "And he probably has to wait to reach out, if he even wants to."

Upcoming plans for Lady K

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and Montgomery native Lady K.
American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and Montgomery native Lady K.

After Sunday, there are more opportunities ahead for Lady K, including a chance to judge on the talent panel for the World Games in Birmingham, July 7-17.

Along with making plans for a U.S. tour for her EP, "Time Of Your Life," she's also putting together an online concert for everyone, especially international fans.

"The virtual show is going to be great, and I even wanna offer slots to play other artists' music and let one or two perform during my show breaks," Lady K said.

Though they haven't been officially announced yet, plans are in the works for two celebrations in Lady K's honor — one in Tuskegee and one in Montgomery.

Keep up with Lady K online at, and on Facebook @MusicByLadyK.

Montgomery's Lady K flashes a peace sign on "American Idol."
Montgomery's Lady K flashes a peace sign on "American Idol."

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