Your Monthly Work Horoscope for October 2022

Your Monthly Work Horoscope for October 2022. Discover your Monthly Work Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


It’s time for you to slow down and think about the visions you want to bring into reality. This will be apparent during the Aries full moon on October 9, when you’re pushed to be calm and carry on with patience at work. Nothing has to happen tomorrow. A big lesson for you right now is you’re only human, Aries. Taking things day-by-day will help you see progress if you let yourself slow down a bit. Appreciating the little things in life can lead to new ideas just as easily as jumping into the stream of cosmic consciousness.

You could have some fun opportunities that bring new projects and business partnerships, potentially leading to a contract or helpful work-related purchase. Taking a playful approach will keep you motivated and allow you to appreciate why you pursued this career path in the first place.

These ventures will prove to be fortuitous during the Scorpio solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth. You could receive a major raise or lucrative offer that brings you some major coin at the end of the month.


This month gives you time to work with and consider the future of your financial wellness, Taurus. You have to make some decisions right now that could ultimately create some shifts in your relationships at work.

The Aries full moon on October 9 inspires you to lean in to your intuition and assert your desire to ask for more money from your employer. The caveat to asking for a raise is that it could ultimately stir up some drama among any coworkers who are jealous of your achievements.

Before you act out against their emotional behavior, take a step back and ask yourself if it’s worth the trouble. After all, if you got the money you asked for and deserve, what difference does it make if their behavior is less than professional? If the gossip and glares continue, you can use the solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth to your advantage by talking to HR. Don’t feel bad about protecting your emotional and financial well-being. You have every right to ensure your own financial security, which you’ve earned through your hard work.


Last month, you struggled to find balance at work as personal matters took top priority in your life. This month brings a different vibe. You’re now willing and able to get back to work, but with a twist. Instead of a busy bee working on mindless tasks, you’re starting to bring your artistic passion to life in the work you do. Your creative mind is on point this month, Gemini, allowing you to start an exciting new project at work.

This venture will allow you to embrace your dreams, and it could take off during the Aries full moon on October 9. As long as you focused on nostalgic notions and visions during Mercury’s backspin, which lasted for most of last month, you should be more in tune with the vibe and energy of the world and able to fully achieve your goals now. You could find that you’re more willing to focus on the creative process in all your projects. You could start a big endeavor during the solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth, a project that promises to gratify your mind and heart as you watch your professional dreams come to life.


This month allows you to find balance between your personal life and the professional world. The caveat is that you might not necessarily be ready to commit to one way of thinking over another.

The Aries full moon on October 9 brings your career into focus. However, the energy forces it to take a back seat as you deal with personal matters. As someone who often feels like you’re biting off more than you can chew, those two weeks will begin to create tension within. You might find that the reason you’re having trouble focusing on work is because your goals have shifted. You’re beginning to change how you pursue your objectives.

Perhaps finding a creative outlet will benefit your desires. If so, Cancer, this month lets you explore new ways to add artistry to your professional vision. Be open to different approaches when exploring your talent. Don’t commit to one plan or way of thinking. Be flexible and embrace a new means of expression this month.


This month brings a lot of mixed energies your way. That’s mostly because you’ve been so busy strategically manifesting the next steps in your career that you haven’t had time to focus on what you want to bring to the world.

Mercury’s retrograde in the personal sector of your chart (which ends on October 2), has been pushing you to understand what you want to create on a grander scale, and you’ll be using this time to do some deep soul-searching.

The good news is that the sun entering Scorpio on the twenty-third allows you to get a clearer perspective on what you want to create. You’ll find that the last week of October is when you can flourish creatively and revive your passion for your job. You can succeed if you’re open to growth and change, Leo. Fluidity will prove to be the crucial ingredient, though it might be a difficult counterpart to your fixed energies.

The solar eclipse on October 25 is the prime time to unveil your new visions and professional projects to the world. You might not feel like you’re ready, but you can crush it and spark inspiration in your career.

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Even if you don’t want to assert yourself this month, Virgo, it’s time you asked for a raise at work. The Aries full moon on October 9 is pushing you to reassess your value to your employer and put a dollar sign next to it, which you could find is more than you’re making now. Speaking up is hard, but it’s important. You’re one of the hardest workers on the team, and you deserve to earn as much as, if not more than, others who are at your level.

The limitation to receiving the money you require is that Mars turns retrograde in Gemini on the thirtieth, which might prevent your boss or company from releasing the money right away (the funds may be on hold or unavailable at the moment).

However, the eclipse on October 25 gives you reason to smile. Instead of a financial reward for your hard work, you could be repaid with a title that gives you all the credit you desire, and the feeling that you’re appreciated by the company.


Welcome to a wonderful month, Libra! There is plenty to be happy about on the professional level right now. You have several wins and incredible opportunities on the way right out of the gate with an action-packed full moon in your opposing sign of Aries on October 9. It’s a great way to start the month, but try not to make too many impulsive financial decisions around this time.

Keep yourself in check even if it means setting up a strict budget before Mars turns retrograde in Gemini on the thirtieth. There’s a cornucopia of abundance being sent your way in all areas of your career. This could be the perfect day to update and send your resume to prospective employers or start that project you had put on hold.

There could be some upset or miscommunication in your personal or professional relationships, but with patience and your naturally sharp wits you’ll be able to smooth things over in no time.


Life brings you spiritual lessons that you can apply in your career, Scorpio. Maybe you’ve been asking more profound questions of the Universe and are now ready to use what you’ve learned in your business dealings. The sign of the Scorpion is not for the faint of heart, and you were incarnated into this specific existence for a reason.

There’s plenty of feisty energy at the start of the month with a full moon in Aries on October 9. This kicks up your need to let go and get more organized in some capacity. This is a perfect cycle in which to really show the world what you’ve got. And appreciate yourself as the sun enters your sign on the twenty-third, giving you the advantage over your competitors.

The month ends with a powerful solar eclipse in your sign on October 25, showing you how much you are worth. Harness the energy of this new moon. There is no greater delight than the cosmic inspiration you get here. You’re being steadily guided along an incredible path.


The month starts with a bang for the sign of the Centaur! A bright full moon in fellow fire sign Aries on October 9 gives an extra charge to your batteries. This is a wonderful energy for really kicking it up a notch and not holding back.

You’ve always been an extremist, Sagittarius, and this is the perfect month to let yourself experiment with many different possibilities. At times you might be jumping into unknown territory, but it’s all the better if you’re directly involved in your pursuits. However, you might want to slow it down a bit. Think of this as a time to gather more strength as you put together certain mental puzzle pieces.

The solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth helps steady the energy by balancing your work connections. Somebody wants to help you through this! Accept their offer, and remember that you can always pay it forward in the future. You’re building relationships for a reason right now. The South Node of Fate is still transiting through your generous sign, so connections from your past could show up unexpectedly through much of the month.


Welcome to a new month, Capricorn! It begins with a spontaneous full moon in fellow cardinal sign Aries on October 9, so you’ll have to fight against your own need to be at the head of the pack. It isn’t your fault that you’re the best at what you do! There could be a competitive vibe mixed in throughout these cycles, so stay on your toes.

Reconnect and align with helpful professional contacts during the solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth. It’s a great time to begin something you’ve been postponing and initiate an email correspondence too. You’ll thank yourself during Scorpio season, which begins on October 23. Those who haven’t prepared will feel the need to catch up, but if you play your cards right, this can be a busy financial time that requires careful collaboration.

Finally, the month ends with Mars turning retrograde on the thirtieth,  switching the gears and exhausting your energy.


This could be a very enlightening month for your career, Aquarius. The challenge here is to let go of your preconceived notions about what success is supposed to look like. You’re changing the game and giving it a new name.

The Aries full moon on October 9 adds to your creativity. It’s the perfect time to communicate your ideas to others. Maybe you didn’t see something before that you now realize was right in front of your eyes all along. Reaching out to someone who can help you with the logistics can add more organization. It’s a group effort these days.

As the sun enters the steamy sign of Scorpio on the twenty-third, you’ll get in touch with a deeper side of yourself, and you might feel more inclined to go on an internal quest. The real work starts from within, a point also highlighted by the solar eclipse in the sign of the Scorpion near the end of the month on October 25.


You might feel some nostalgia now, Pisces, and rightly so. The month of October opens symbolically with a cleansing full moon in the sign of Aries on the ninth. Allow those fires to purify your soul so you can let go and surrender to something quite brilliant.

You’ve felt a change or shift in your life, and you might even consider changing your career path altogether. The challenge right now is to release something. Regeneration and redefining how you use your personal power are the themes of the time for the sign of the Fish.

You’ll gain even more psychic insight as Scorpio season begins on October 23, bringing you a spiritually guided mission. A solar eclipse two days later adds to the context of certain personal and financial decisions as a whole. Remember to put yourself first even if others try to tug at your heartstrings. Expect something magical to happen when the solar eclipse puts you completely in alignment with these energies.

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