Mooney-Wendell fundraising totals far apart in race for 2nd Congressional District

Oct. 28—MORGANTOWN — The fundraising reports for the two candidates for the new 2nd Congressional District paint a picture of stark contrasts.

The district covers 26 northern counties. We look at two of their reports: the October Quarterly report covering July 1-Sept. 30, and the Pre-General covering Oct. 1-19.

Republican Alex Mooney represents the current 2nd District, spanning 17 counties across the center of the state. His October Quarterly report fills 229 pages. His Pre-General takes another 58 pages.

Democrat Barry Wendell served two terms on Morgantown City Council. His October Quarterly plus his Pre-General fill a combined 36 pages.

You can guess how far apart their fundraising totals are.

Wendell started in July with $2, 938.73. During that period he raised $14, 802 from individuals and gave his campaign a $1, 000 loan in August. His operating expenditures were $9, 276.38, ending the period with a balance of $9, 464.35.

During the following 19 days he received another $2, 206 from individuals plus his sole PAC contribution: $290.09 from It Starts Today.

It Starts Today aims at electing Democrats across the country and offers a crowdsourcing platform for contributions.

During this period, his operating expenditures were another $9, 477.87, leaving a balance of $2, 482.57.

His fundraising total for the entire election cycle was $23, 817.09 from individuals plus the $290.09 PAC contribution ; his operating expenditures were $22, 334.52.

Mooney started July with a campaign account 23 times the size of Wendell's total for the entire election cycle: $558, 520.02.

He then raised $169, 140.75 from individuals, $100, 500 from PACS and $22, 076.59 in transfers from other authorized committees.

His operating expenditures were $127, 344.59, leaving a balance of $724, 272.51.

During the following 19 days he brought in another $64, 989 from individuals and $10, 900 from PACs. His operating expenditures were $39, 056.71.

Mooney's fundraising totals for the election cycle were $1, 420, 872.03 from individuals, $5, 000 from party committees and $395, 240.24 from PACS. His transfers from other authorized committees totaled $2, 409, 427.32.

Mooney's operating expenditures for the entire election cycle — taking into account he won a hard-fought primary against his 1st District colleague David McKinley — were 157 times Wendell's, at $3, 522, 761.08.

The next report, the Post-General, will cover Oct. 20-Nov. 28 and must be filed by Dec. 8.

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